Monday, May 19, 2008

My new Business, I need oodles of help!!!!

Over the weekend I made a diaper cake for my G-bears baby shower.

It was a long process but I loved the planning, and the cake was my favorite part!
It took two hours, and it turned out amazing.

During the baby shower I got alot of people saying, "YOU made that? Really? You do it for a business?"
It was the first one I ever made. (I PROMISE to post pictures! When I finally get them)

After hearing that, and then having a swift kick in the butt (one that brought me to tears at work), I got the motivation I needed. ~Thanks for being that boot Trisha! I needed that nudge to get thing started.~

I finally got things underway. I got my PayPal account up, I am getting questions answered on what I need to do.

My Business:

Diaper Cakes (Disposable and cloth), Briday shower cakes (made from towels), Mom to be cakes (Towels, incences, etc)

Name of my business:


I can't think of a good name. I was thinking Tulle Cool Designs, Tulle Cool Boutique. (I thought it was a cute play on words sounding like "Too Cool Designs, etc"... However, what if people think it is TOOL Cool Designs? I don't want that....but I really like the name!

I need some help with an idea. I'd like something that portrays my personality. Hippy/Eco friendly/ Mom of many/ Creative/ Insane... You know.. ME ....

Any ideas?????


trisha said...

First of all, congrats on a product. I think its wonderful. Do what you love and keep expanding. Dont expect the first thing you do to be the best, just work hard and put your all into it. When you look back and see how far you have come, you will be proud. Find something that no one else does....if you put yourself out there and ASK your customers and friends and bloggers, they will tell you what they want, and then work on that product.

Second, dont name yourself something uncommon or hard to spell or easily confused. Tulle is not a common word in the regular language, and it also has very little to do w/ diaper cakes. Try a play on words..diaper cakes, so what about if you make a bakery site... do diaper cakes and diaper wreaths. Make them look like baby cakes, wedding cakes, birhtday cakes, pink, blue, theme them like hawaii, cupcakes, icecream cones, etc.
Maybe the i actually suggest deciding what feel you want to put out there..

is it upscale? Is it fun and funky? Is it about newborn and sweet. once you have your THING, then work on the name.

That is where i would start

D-Ann said...

When can we see photos?
A grandmother made a diaper cake for her greatgranddaughters shower, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. sorry no advice right now..

CanCan said...

What about "Take The Cake Designs". Cuz..they can take the cake...home.

mom_of2boys said...

That's great! I make baby cakes using blankets and oneies with a "gift" on top...usually a stuffed animal.