Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Company Name... the finals

Ok… I LOVE amount of responses… Ya’ll were such a good help.

I love love love the “Eat my shorts” It’s so creative and I think I’m going to have a section of baby/bridal/etc cakes just for that. It will be the “funky” section that I want to do for people more of my style. Sometimes black and pink is the way to go… or black with skulls… it just fits some personalities. Bright not traditional styles.

Here is what I plan on making, I love the idea of making a "cake" full of fun things for brides that aren't just towels. Things that stack well together. (Kama Sutra lotions and powders, gag gifts, etc) Thanks Trisha!

Order list
*Baby cakes (disposible and cloth)
*Bridal cakes (towels, and other items)
*Girls night and other misc.
*Graduation/Birthday cakes
*Holiday cakes (St. Patty's Day, Christmas, and others for different faiths)

Ok.. here is my company name ideas. Again, I can’t thank ya’ll enough!!!

Take the Cake
Cake without the bake
Just add sugar (optional: quote underneath ..and a bit of spice)
Frosting not included
Cotton Cakes ( I might use this under my section for cloth diaper cakes)
Fake Baker (I might use this as my title )

I would like to also have quotes on the page like: Calories not included- Just add Sugar (if not the title)- Frosting not included (if not the title)

Now… I’d love ya’ll to sit back, think about this and think which ones would appeal to ya’ll the most. If you were looking for something original for your friends/family/kids for a special occasion, which title looks funky, cool, entertaining to you!

Also, if ya’ll want to play word fumble and change the words around… let me know. I’m still open to all ideas!



trisha said...

I like

Take the Cake the best

D-Ann said...

Take the Cake..
Reasons why:
The cake is like a blue ribbon so it represents Awesomeness, quality, first place!
Or you cant have your cake and eat it :D
I would love Bridal Shower Cakes, Wedding Anniversary ones done around the Traditional gifts (silver, paper, etc) the possibility's are endless!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Take the Cake is a trademark of Diaper Cakewalk. You can't use that one.

Lilith Silvermane said...

Well.. I guess that makes my final decision pretty easy huh? :)

Thanks for the info

Joanna said...

I really like Just add sugar and Frosting Not Included.

Nydia said...

Still Take the Cake. Oops, just read about it being already used... So, Just AddSugar is also great.
Kisses, when you can take a look at my beach post!
*bright blessings*

Nydia said...

Hey, why not Cake to Take?

Kindra said...

Since you can't use Take the Cake, I love Frosting not included! But they are all good ideas! What a fun business you are going to have!!

Thanks so much for entering my giveaway!! Have a great day!