Thursday, May 29, 2008

The kid in Me!

5 Minutes for Mom is having another photo contest! Other than the great prizes, they always have such amazing entries!

So, I thought I'd participate. #1: Because I wanted a Wii when I turned 34, now that I will be 35 in July, I want one even more. #2: Because it makes me laugh to show the world what a dork I can be.

I am entering two photos


This photo was taken by my daughter and I. She is 16 and it was tons of fun to play around with her and just laugh until we were crying. When you can do that with your 16 year old, you've done something right! I've entered this photo before, but it's just symbolizes a lazy Sunday afternoon.


The next photo shows my life. With six kids I've been in this stage of my life for 17 years. One child trying to feed the other, another child trying to balance her sanity, and the other staring off in space, and me, trying to capture every moment.


Michelle said...

I love those pictures! Especially the bottom one - what a great moment you captured amongst siblings :) That is totally Kayla too - trying to feed Lucas! Or it would be if we gave him a bottle :)

Hey I'll be 35 in Aug!

Michelle said...

also meant to ask when in July is your bday? Kayla's is the 15th.

D-Ann said...

I love the second photo.. this would be me about 6 years ago :)

D-Ann said...

I was always trying to hold on to the little sanity I had :)

Haasiegirl said...

i love these!