Sunday, March 16, 2008


Good evening everyone!
I know it is late but I wanted to share so many things with ya'll.. BTW, this is gonna be a long picture intensive adventure :)

First, Here are a few pictures of the competition on Saturday.

This is Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak.

Kara and her flight about to drill.

Kara and her flight performing.

They did great. I had to leave early because I had the girls and two little ones in a military competition equals one mommy with a headache. So then my friend and I went to the mall and walked around with them.


Ok... Now, I enter giveaways CONSTANTLY. I was a bit sad until lately when I started winning alot, here are my winnings so far this month...

This lovely lady Karen Lynch had a giveaway for a Dr. Seuss book. I was one of the winners (there were 4 of us) So we won this book.

Emily from Ellinghouse let me pick out any clippie I wanted from glamorgirls. I chose these because I LOVE the chocolate/pink combination!

I got this great fabric from this lovely site! She's got so much energy and always finds such cool things. Make sure you visit The Ardent Thread

I won this prize as my first wins, and I can't wait to get them in the mail. Both shirts are in red, and one is for me, and the other will be for Issa, and then LaLa when she gets older she can wear it too. It is from Little Showoffs, I won it on the site Peek a Boo picks. Megan from Peek a boo is expecting baby #2, a little girl, so she's a busy mom!

I want to thank the blogs that offer these giveaways, and the wonderful companies that participate in this!

I'll keep ya'll updated on any other wins, if they come!!


So, for dinner tonight, I made an AMAZING dish. JC bought me a new Foreman (since mine dove from the cabinet and shattered on the floor last week). Here is what we ate for dinner tonight.

Pretty yummy lookin' huh? Tomorrow is Meatless Monday for the family, so I'll let ya know what we are having then!


I'm adding a new thing to my side bar! It's the green tip of the week, let me know what ya think!

Love ya'll, My mom is gonna start reading my blog, so HI MOM!!!!

I'll talk tomorrow for the Monday back to work!

Warm Blessings,



Crystal said...

Okay, first off...Sam's been sick since around 2 this morning and I have been up a while. I come to your site and WHAT DO I SEE STARING BACK AT ME??? FOOD! And it looks SOOOOO good! Now I have to go eat something;o)

Your daughter is just BEAUTIFUL! And I love those pictures! The one where they're competing reminds me so much of when my brother was in the Air Force. The way the hold their hands when standing or even walking. Do the compete for something?

I LOVE those clippies! I have to say, I love those colors together too!

I'll be back in a bit...I have to check on Sam and get me something to stomach is talkin to me after seeing that picture;o) Have a good day at work today and HI LILITH'S MOM!!!

Lilith Silvermane said...

*pouts* Tell Sam there are people thinking about her in Colorado and hoping she gets better. There are very few things worse than a sick kid, as mom's we want to heal them and make it all go away!

I hope you got something to eat. Didn't mean to tease you but, I will warn you that tonight I'm putting up whatever we are eating for Meatless Monday. So be prepared :)

Oh.. and Kara said thank you for the letter on Saturday. It brought tears to her eyes!

Ok.. I need to curl my hair.... Oh, it's snowing!!

I'll write more later

Mof2 said...

Dinner looks yummy!

Crystal said...

I just noticed that you commented over here! You pulled a fast one!lol! Sam's doing better, just fever now so i'll be staying home again tomorrow. That's fine with me, I can keep disinfecting the house and wash clothes as well. Sam would sleep 2 hours and be awake 2hours all today so when she slept I kept quite.

I did tell her and she told me to tell you thank you;o) I did get some food! Although my stomache was a little "off" today. I BETTER not be gettin what she has....

You got a terrific kid Lilith. She'll go far in life. And with that smile of hers PLUS those'll be right behind her with a bat knockin the guys off her!!!

SNOWING?? MAAAAANNNNN!!! Hope you played in it!

Crystal said...

*sniffles and wipes away tears* Where's ma dinner picture?* I is hungry...sniffle, sniffle..*_*...LOLOLOLOL!! Have a good one, I just had to give you a hard time! Bye!!