Saturday, March 15, 2008

Saturday- Ramblings

I was 18 years old when my daughter was born. Newly married and terrified about how my new little girl would be. How would I raise her to be a good person? What would I say/do when her heart got broken? Would she be smart? Would she have good grades, make smart choices and go on to be an amazing adult?

.... She's starting off on the right foot.

This morning I watched her walk inside her ROTC building today with two of her friends. They were all dressed in their uniforms, starched and stiff. Their hats perched atop their heads and standing tall and almost cocky, as if they were bulletproof. And today they are.

For those of you who don't know, let me give you a brief summary of ROTC.

The Air Force Junior ROTC Program provides citizenship training and an aerospace science program at the high school level. Units are located at over 750 high schools across the United States and at selected Department of Defense dependent schools in Europe, the Pacific and Puerto Rico. More units are projected to open in each of the next three years.


They also have a drill team that practices(If they join the drill team), and then performs at competitions all over their area, and beyond. They get no extra credit for it for school, it is merely and after school activity, However it looks good on entrance requirements for the academy (Which is located in Colorado Springs)

My oldest daughter Kara joined ROTC as a Freshman, it's my requirement of my kids, one year of ROTC to teach them a respect of our armed forces, even if they don't join after high school/college. She is now a sophmore and will be continuing in ROTC until her Senior year, she's already signed up.

Now, today is her first competition. Last night at midnight we were kneeled in the living room ironing her shirt and pants, and she was shining her shoes and trying to fight off the butterflies in her stomach.

I don't think I've ever been prouder of her! She is so dedicated to this, and it will be the first time she's supporting her team and being unselfish.

See.... she got a modeling job for today. Modeling prom dresses at the mall for a local store. She turned it down to do this competition. She told me, " I don't see modeling as my future, I see my future in the armed forces."

Wow.... I must have done something right. Someone must owe me big, because I'm no longer that scared 17 year old girl worried about my new baby. I'm a proud mom... who will always worry, but I know that she is on a great road!!

Here are some pictures of my "little girl". She'll be 17 in October, It bring tears to my eyes to see her all grown up!!

Thanks for listening to me, I am exhausted, emotional, and I have to go and get the little ones ready so we can go and watch her compete. *hugs*

Kara when she was a baby.

Kara today.


Crystal said...

Oh girl! I'm so proud of HER for allowing herself to THINK about her own future and for you for allowing her to do it!!! Congratulations to BOTH OF YOU!!!

This message is to Kara: My 13 year old daughter and I read your mom's post today and we both want to wish you a bid GOOD LUCK! for today and to let you know that we both hope you continue to reach for your dreams;o)

Lilith...your a gooood momma;o) I hope for the best for you and ALL of your children. Enjoy your day sweeting;o)

Mof2 said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! :) You will be added in the giveaway. I will read more of yours when I get the chance, I just wanted to say a quick thanks!