Monday, March 17, 2008

Mommies United Launch Party

Hello everyone!

There is a new blog starting out and it's coming together with a lovely group of ladies at the helm. Mommies United was started to give us a place to visit, share and relax.. Oh, and of course win. And in the spirit of winning, they are having a Launch Party. They are also having a scavenger hunt and all of this is lasting two weeks.

Go on and check them out, it looks like a ton of fun.

I also decided that in recognition of thier "launch Party" I'll give away some advice. It's nothing big, and EVERY body wins!!

Homemade Furniture polish

1 cup olive oil
1/2 cup of lemon (I hand squeeze it in)

Pour these into a spray bottle, then, shake it up to bring the two together.
Spray it onto a cloth, and wipe down your wood with it.

It's brilliant, healthy, cheap and it makes the wood look AMAZING!

I did it this weekend and LOVED it.

I hope everyone has a great week, and I'll post on here what prizes I would love :)


Please check out the link I have on my sidebar!

This was really hard to choose :(
I want to try for so many things!!!
Ok, here is my request.

* Natural Pod are offering a house play pack, with various items for imaginative house play to the value of $150.00
* Rockin Kid Shop 1 Rockin' Baby Pouch
* Fuzzy Me is giving 1 birthday TUTU
* Baby and me Boutique is giving one winner a $100 gift certificate


Christine, Kristin, Amanda, and Shanda are the faces of Mommies United so lets get to know the Mommies! It's time for a hunt that is all about us. Join in on the fun and create a post all about how Mommies United started maybe answer why we created Momies United and the post should include information about us Mommies.

1. How many children does Christine have?
~Mommy of six, with a set of twins

2. What is the name of Shanda’s children's boutique?
~Lemon Kisses is the name of the Boutique

3. When did Kristin start An Ordinary Life?
~The blog started December 20, 2006. (What a difference it has made.. a GREAT change from then to now!)

4. Amanda makes what children's apparel?
~Amanda makes hair bows (and really cute ones at that!!)


BrineS said...

Olive oil and lemon? Really? It's that easy? Wow! Now, only if I had some furniture to polish! :)

Happy partying! Please come to mine!

Crystal said...

I'll have to try out furniture polish. I need some lemon though, i'll let you know how it turns out. Just jumping over really quick to say "mornin"LOL! It's suppose to be bad weather here today so i'm making quick stops to wish you a great day;) I'll be back when I can!

Jenny said...

Is that for wood furniture? If so I'll have to try it out on my desk!

BTW: Happy Partying!

Shanda said...

Thanks for joining our party and the tip. Shanda

Stacey Moore said...

can't wait to try your polish!! Enjoy the party!!! Stop by our party post if you get a chance!!

Pamela Kramer said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful family! Have a great Wednesday!

Crystal said...

I'm missin ma girl!!! They work you too hard;o) Just kiddin. Over at my "house" we're having a conversation about exercise and weightloss, healthy eating...that sort of thing. If you want to do a post sometime about your own experiences with this area we'd love to read it. Like what you have done in the past, both eating and exercising that you have found that works for you, or something like that anyway;) I know your a busy woman so you don't HAVE to. You can comment on my post if you have any suggestions too. I like to try and get others involved because I find that people do SO many different things to lose weight or even get in shape. I love to read all the fun stories! Hope your having a great day and that they quit working you SO hard!!lol! Have a good one;op

Amanda said...

thanks for joining the party! Be sure to check back every day, we will have more awesome prizes to win!

Christine (aka YoungMommy) said...

I so have to try the homemade furniture polish... I guess I better wait until I can get some olive oil that doesn't taste (or smell) like garlic, huh?

Thanks for celebrating with us!

Kristin said...

Have fun with the party and stop by and enter in my current giveaways on my personal blog!