Friday, March 14, 2008


It is late.
Here was my day.

I got up in a great mood. Got ready, got to the babysitters at 6:10am. Dropped off the girls and headed to the corner store.

TONS of hot, tall men at the corner store. What were they all doing there at 6:30am? Who knows.. and honestly, who cares. They were lovely! No, I didn't get any numbers. Why? Because I'm a chickenpoo! Ok.. Yep.. I said it.. Chickenpoo. Don't judge me.. *sobs*

Ok.. I'm back!

Ok, I get to work. I do my "of the day" and then hang out. I do some work, I get one of my projects done. Then, I go for a walk. It was a cold walk.... It's kinda chilly here in Colorado!

...... Sorry.. long distraction due to people coming home for the night.

Ok.. back to my story.
I finish off my day by setting up a time to have coffee with my friend right after work.

And then it starts..... 3:30, as I'm walking out the door the phone call comes in. There is an elimination basketball game, at 4:45 on the other side of town. My son needs to be there. GRRRREEEAAATTTT..... Run home, get uniform. Have my friend pick up Joey from my work, then his sister from ROTC Drill training and get to the school in time.
The game doesn't start until 5:30 due to bus issues, and unfortunatly my son's team lost.

So, Dinner is Carls Junior chicken burger, with chili cheese fries.
Issa gets a bath, a sippy cup and she's asleep.
LaLa is awake next to me hiccuping.

Sooooo... that was my day. It's 10:16, it's getting late.
Tomorrow isn't any easier.
It's a 4:30 wake up, Leave the house at 5:00.
I have to pick up my daughters friend and get them both to the ROTC bus by 5:30, so they can drive to Colorado Springs for a competition.
Then I will go home, get ready, and head out by 7am, to get to Colorado Springs for the competition.
I need a nap!

Ok.. I'm off so Nikki can use the computer tonight!
Lots O' love!


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