Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My rantings, ravings and NOT Wordless Wednesday

Here I am.. I'm gonna ramble...

*This first topic could be very crude and a huge angry rant. Please excuse it, and ignore it if you are easily offended, I'm frusterated with someone and I need to vent. Since I get to spend tomorrow with the person at a get together, I need to get this out somewhere.*

Topic One: Men and the pregnant women they love.

GET OVER YOURSELF!! If you can't let your selfishness go while your love is carrying your child, you do NOT deserve to be a father! It's about 14 months of hormones, and tears, and hard times, and love, and miracles and everything you WANTED!

* Treat your woman with the respect you would have wanter YOUR mother treated with when she was pregnant with you! Treat your woman with the respect you would want your daughter treated with!

* Those hormones that you hate, are caused by the child that is HALF YOURS.... do what you have to do to get over your dumbass feelings. She doesn't mean it.. she's got the hormones of a teenager, if you can't handle her now, you won't be able to handle your own child.

* Yep.. sex is an issue when pregnant. Get over it! If you need to "do it yourself", talk to her, let her know but DO NOT STAY UP LATE AT NIGHT WHILE SHE'S SLEEPING! Go to bed with her, "take care of business" another time, NOT while she is wanting to be cuddled and feel safe. First time mom, or 10th time mom, they want to know someone is there for them.

* She's gonna feel unattractive, looking at naked women on XPeeps, or on a porn site will NOT help the situation. Buy a magazine, visit the bathroom, just go to bed with her, sometimes she can't sleep without you there! Oh, and stop being a moron and complaining the next day.. "Oh.. I'm so tired. " Stop wacking off long enough to go to bed with the mother of your child you moron!

* Telling her that she hurt your feelings, or that you don't feel like her words are fair.. I'm gonna repeat myself.. GET OVER IT! Just because you are used to being the center of attention because you were in a band, or because you are the baby of the family... this is HER time, NOT yours. You will have your time at sporting events and when you are taking the baby out alone to the mall or the park. This is the ONLY time it's her time. After this, it'll be all about the baby. I don't give a SHIT if your feelings are hurt.... she deserves the world, and DAMMIT she will be shown it, either by you or by me.... and trust me, I'm better at it!

*snarls*...... Ok... venting over.. for now. (This post was edited so I could take out so many things I had written. Sometimes, it's better not to say anything :) )

Topic Two: Exercise

Yep.. huge change from the last topic.

Ok.. on FitTV (not sure what channel for certain areas), has a show called 'Shimmy'. It is an exercise program that is belly dancing. It is AMAZING!!! You have no idea how hard it is to work out and look good doing it. My tummy and thighs were KILLING me :)

Then I walk every day at work, outside with a work friend on Mon, Tues, Weds. On Thurs and Fri I walk alone with the Ipod. I LOVE it! It's so great... and the weather here has been great.

I would love to get some Bloggy friends together and start a work out program.

Even if it's something small and simple to begin with.

Yoga one day, walking with a stroller the next (for those that have little ones), basketball with the kids (for those that have big ones), Shimmy, work out tapes, Something. And then we can compare. Even take pictures for those of us that are walking, and posting them. Something fun like that for a group of us. What do ya'll think? Oh... and doing an online food journal.

They say you can lose weight better by logging the food you intake. It helps you see it better, and it helps your mind say, "Nope.. I'm not gonna eat that because I don't wanna write it down."

What do ya'll think?

Topic Three: Meatless Monday

Ok.. I decided to go Meatless on Mondays.


Because my stomach is hating meat these days. I want my kids to have a childhood with many types of food and different tastes.

This week I did a Pomegranate & Eggplant Braise. I got it from a website for Meatless Mondays.

Here is a picture of this Monday's meal.

It was horrible! I HATED the eggplant, it had the consistancy of mushrooms. *sobs* I hate mushrooms. Ewwie Ewwie Ewwie... I ate the potatoes, grapes, salad and toast! *laughs*

Next week I'm doing a baked potato, broccoli, cheese, salsa, a salad on the side and orange slices.
I want my kids to experience new foods.. that was nasty.

Topic Four: Movies

The best movies of the week.

I am Legend

Great movie, it's the only movie I could watch with 90% of it being Will Smith.

August Rush
The movie was so heartfelt, the acting was great. The soundtrack is IT! I want this soundtrack. Watch this one with your kids, my 13 year old son loved it!
Topic Five: "IF" Question of the day
If you could have only one piece of furniture in your house, what would you want it to be?
Ok.. this is my installation. I need to do some mindless blogging around the blogosphere.
Warm Blessings!!!
Thank you for listening.


Crystal said...

Oh damn girl! You write a damn good post and I have to jump in the shower!! I WILL BE BACK! When I get to work in a little while. I haven't posted for today yet, been lazy getting it up BUT it must be a thing with us thinking on the same wave length or something because last night I was messing around with a new blog....AN EXERCISE BLOG!!!! I swear we must have been related or something in a past life;)

Anyway, I DID start a new blog, it's called "On the road to getting fit" But I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. You have some pretty good ideas so later on I think i'll post about it on my regular blog. So until then, well, I guess your still sleeping so more sweet dreams sweet;o)

Jenna said...

Definitely, without question, my bed!

I wanted to thank you for the post over on "Bling on a Shoestring." Your comment about "giving away" your spot for my sister was so very sweet and made me head over here to read your blog. I'm sure I'll be back! And I'm glad to hear about the "Shimmy" show. I've been meaning to watch it/participate in it. Good, hunh?

Crystal said...
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Crystal said...

Just remember one thing...this is your blog and it gives you a chance to get all the things, both good and bad, off your chest so you can better deal with them. At least it works for me;)

If you learn anything about me it is that i'll be blunt about things. If you don't want to hear it just skip over and tell me to shut my yap. BUT, just remember that the comments I give are my opinion ONLY and only because I may have dealt with something similar as to what your posting about. If i've never been threw it all I can do is listen to you and try to support you;)

As far as this guy is concerned, it doesn't sound (from what you have written) that he loves her. He May! But, love does come in many different ways, eh? I felt a familiar pull to this post because this is how my ex treated me through my pregnancies. I just wish I had a damn good, loving, caring and passionate friend like you when I was going through it.

Sounds like these two people have a long road ahead of them and for the babies sake I hope they can come to understand each other. It's always frustrating to sit back and watch something like this, knowing you are limited to what you can say or do. Hugs to you sweet, it's not always the two people that are in the middle of it that hurt. I'm here for you girl;)

Exercise: Girl, you tryin to kill me??? Belly dancing? ME??? LOL!!! I'd break my neck! *giggles* or a hip;) BUT, because I am the way I am and I really don't care if I make an arse of myself or not, I will look into this show! I have always LOVED the art of belly dancing, i've just never gotten past the inner security issues enough to try it. Plus, I had 2 c-sections and ma belly is NOT looking too good for a skirt and bra top, lol!!! I bet my daughter would LOVE it though! How about yours?

I walk on the treadmill and have exercise dvd's. Of coarse I ALSO have a membership to the gym and REALLY need to start applying myself to go during my lunch hour. Laziness I tell you!!!

I do have 2 yoga tapes that my mom bought for me a while ago. I've never done them though...pitiful, I know...But, when the kids were little I would always walk with them in the strollers.

What kind of pictures did you have in mind cause I was thinking the same thing. Kind of like how the pregnant women on this site do and take a monthly picture of themselves to see the progress they've made. Of coarse I ain't about to put on no bikini so don't even go there! Maybe a pair of shorts...scratch that..I don't think I own any. That's bad isn't it?! anyway, you get the idea...

I'm all for the online food journal! Good idea too!

Oh girl, EGGPLANT? EEK! Me no likey either...But NEXT MONDAY??? I'm there with ya girlie!!! Sounds GOOD!

So you really liked I am Legend? My mom picked it up the other day and we haven't watched it yet. I've heard mixed reviews about it. I'll try to watch it this weekend.

Question of the day answer: It would have to be the bed as well...And I know that if I was ever in the situation to REALLY need something I would be thinking the dressers for all of our clothes. Even though I hang up a good deal of clothing I just can't see haning up bras, panties, socks...nope, just can't see it. My kids have TONS of clothes so I might change it from bed to that;)

Okay, I think i've posted enough for a while. I'll be back later. Have a good day;o)

Joanna (Mof2) said...

Wanted to mention I will be watching I Am Legend this weekend. Hubby bought it the day it come out and it since has sat beside the tv. There just isn't anytime to sit and watch a movie. Btw. I will be making the wood polish. Some of our furniture is antique and I think that this will do a much better job then Pledge. Thanks!!

Joanna (Mof2) said...
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