Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Ostara!!

Ostara is one of the four solar holidays in the wheel of the Year. Its name comes from Eostre, the Germanic goddess associated with various aspects related to the renewal of life. Ostara is celebrated on the vernal equinox marking the beginning of spring. It is a joyous holiday centered on fertility, rebirth, and growth. Symbolically, the Goddess is reawakening with the warming ground and the young God is merry and playful.

In my neck of the woods, we are having on Ostara celebration. Scotch Eggs, fruit trays, meat trays, sweet breads, drinks. It should be fun. We have about 10-12 people coming to this. I'm excited about it :)

Ok.. going back to work!
Have a lovely first day of Spring!!


Crystal said...

Girl, I swear you teach me something every time you post! When I read something or hear people talk about rebirth and growth it gives me a feeling of hope. Don't know why that is or why I feel that way but it just sounds WONDERFUL, ya know what I mean?

Girl, take lots of pictures (if you are able) at your Ostara celebration. I wish I could be apart of something like that, it's sounds like so much fun. Have a WONDERFUL time;o) What is Scotch eggs?

Anyway, i'm going below to yesterday's post and writing a novel like I normally do, have a great time and have some fun!!

Crystal said...

Hope you had fun at your get together and had a good day at work. Happy Friday, Easter and have a wonderful weekend;o)