Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne

Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Morning

Good morning everyone!

I finally went to bed at 11pm after posting, and talking to my BFF on the phone. (More like rambling about my ex-husbands (my 1st) wife who keeps trying to contact me, just to be "friends".) My BFF was saying her guy was finally moving to Texas after a year of BS. I can only say... it'll be an interesting few months :)

I slept off and on, waking up because I was worried I slept through the alarm clock. (Nope, the 8 week old didn't wake me up, my own mind did that!)

Then, I had a dream that Kris (Issa and Lauli's Dad), had a daughter. Which would have meant he had cheated on me when we were together. What a horrible dream to wake up from. I was tearing up. I was *JUST* getting over him. I was just to the point where I was ok that he and Sarah were going to date. I found this out on Friday, and it didn't freak me out, I was good with it. Mainly because I know him, I know how he works and regardless, it's for the best. He's my friend, perhaps not my closest but, my friend none the less. And it left me open to persue other people, and decide where I want to be.
*Then that stupid dream came up, luckily I should be able to shake it off easy enough.

My doves are cooing in the background. They think they are roosters, sometimes I want to move them out of my room, they are just so noisy. And if you nudge their cage to silence them, they fly around all crazy like, knock over their food bowls and just create a tornado in their cages.

Ok.. I'm dressed now. My makeup isn't on, but I am dressed, smelling good, and my hair is done. Now, I'm going to get my breakfast ready so I can eat at 6am (I'm going back on my old eating plan, so I'll be eating every 3 hours, small meals)

I'll check back throughout the day and post some hello's, and just some blurbs about my day.

OH.. and check out my other blog Lilithology. I'll be posting on that one as well again today, must keep people updated on daily happenings and mindless information!

I hope everyone is having a great day so far.
Warm Blessings,
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