Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday- New edition

Ok.. so I’ve started writing everything in MS Word, just so everyone doesn’t ALWAYS see me on my blogs :0

It’s another morning. I got to sleep in until 5:15… WooHoo. Not that I did. I woke up a multitude of times. I have yet to hear my alarm because I wake up before then.

Here is my day so far:


Breakfast: 1 piece of wheat toast, bowl of cereal and 1 hard boiled egg
Snack: Meal supplement drink, grapes
Lunch: Burger (homemade), with chips and a piece of apple pie (not totally healthy but good J)
Snack: 1 Orange, 2 hard boiled eggs
Dinner: Probably a salad
Dessert: Ice tea at the coffee house

Exercise? Yep… gonna go on a 1.5 mile walk with a work friend at 10:45am.

Work: Waiting for the update of the new system to go up, so everything can fail! *sighs* Not looking forward to it, but waiting for it.

Kids: Kara has ROTC drill team practice, Ashlyn is chilling with her dad, Joey has a basketball game, Faith is chilling with her dad, Issa and LaLa will be spending the evening with their dad.

Music: Radio Nine Inch Nails- I *heart* Trent Reznor

Tonight: I have a book club I have been moderator for, we have a meetup tonight for it We had 10 people there two weeks ago, this week should have 12+.. I’m hoping we have enough room. It’s been a fun adventure for me, lots of ideas from different people.

I got my picture ready for Wordless Wednesday. It was something Crystal requested from me.

Oh… and I also joined Thankful Thursday blog, so I think I will be saying things I am thankful for. I don’t know how many to do. 10? 20? Or in the middle 15? Anyone else wanna join me in this?

Interesting note, MS Word doesn’t recognize the word “blog” as an actual word.

Ok… my ramblings are over. I need to go and do my other blog. I’ll check back later.

I hope everyone has a Great day.

I have decided to do a Question of the Day on this blog. So, at the end of my daily post I’ll put it up there, please put a comment on that post. I can’t wait to hear ya’lls questions.

QOTD(Question of the day): What did you want to be when you “grew up”? If you are not doing it, why?


Crystal said...

Okay, first of all, i'm computer illiterate. Did I even spell that right? Anyway, can you explain the MS Word thing your doing?

You and I are so a like it's spooky. I wake up before my alarm goes off too on most mornings.

Food thing: APPLE PIE????? Again, you don't know me that well yet but I LOVE me some apple pie!

Exercise: Yep, not happin yet. I bet it's nice to get to walk with someone so it doesn't get boring for you. But I must say, hearing that someone else is exercising does motivate me to get my lazy arse off the blogging chair and onto the treadmill or even out the door to walk outside. Last night I was sitting at my desk reading blogs...the treadmill is right next to me. I look at it, contemplate getting up and walking then I glance down at the book I just started and the attention span of a child took over and ran with it;) That's my excuse anyway.

Good luck with the work thing and the new system...*cringes just thinking of the crash*

Kids: I just love the idea of the kids being in the ROTC. I looked into it and from what I can find out on our school wesite we don't have one. Figure doesn't it...William is chomping at the bits to practice baseball. All the rain we've had is keeping him from it. I'm glad your kiddos get to spend time with their dad. I hope they are close;)

Yes, you must post more about the book club thing you are doing, sounds interesting and fun!

Question of the day answer: I wanted to be a marine biologist. I love the ocean and everything that goes with it. I wanted to travel the world and descover Atlantis again too;) I'm a big dreamer if you couldn't tell. I believe in magic, past lives, pyschics and all that too!

Anyway, it's the whole lost and submissive puppy thing going on back then. I wasn't into going to college and then I met Robert and my dreams just kind of adapted to the world around me. (His world of Rodeo's and horses) I eventually went to college, paid my own way without his help, and graduated in dental assisting. I worked for a pediatric dental facility forever and had SO much fun with it but, it didn't get the bills paid or health insurance. I was going to go BACK to college to get my RN's license. I got a job here in Waco at Scott & White and I fell in love with the field. I don't know if it's just helping people or something else but I was willing to spend another couple of years and thousands more dollars I didn't have to accomplish it. Dreams again...I was robbing Peter to Pay Paul so to speak. My parents had a girl quit at their plumbing shop and needed someone ASAP. He doubled my wages and paid for my family health ins. if I came back. I had to think of the kids and what I could give them. One day after their grown, I will deffinatly go back and get the RN. OKAY, That's mine! What about you??? Going to lunch, be back in a bit;)

Jennifer said...

hi there, i foudn you through Crystal. isn't she a doll?? and i see how well you two hit it off and thought I would really get along with you too, since I love Crystal so much!! I have only gotten to read this blog entry for today but want to catch up. :) maybe after bedtime tonight. :)
What I wanted to be when I grew up... hmmm... good question. I think I had a lot of different ideas all the time, but one thing I always knew I wanted to be with all my heart and sole was a MOM!! :) corny i know. but i just did.
I did work as a dental assistant too, like Crystal and LOVED it. that is what I did before becoming a Stay-at-home mom... and will maybe return to when the kids are in school... which is a few years still and but I have also been thinking of getting my LP license. Not sure though. I didn't like school so i'm not sure about doing a RN course,but maybe. I do love the medical field and i know I loved being in the dental field so either one of those will be my career choice. :)
what about you??
also, just to let you know... I'm still working on growing up. lol well a little bit.
enjoy you book club tonight.
hugs, jenn
ps can i add you to my blog roll?? tha way i can visit every day??