Friday, March 21, 2008

Mommies Tea party!

I thought this was an adorable idea by Mommies United , for the two weeks of their Mega Launch party. Go visit them, and come back here and tell me what you think!!!

I looked all over for pictures of Tea Parties. BUT, I decided that not matter what age, what the menu is, or how many we've done, we always feel like a little girl when we have a tea party.

It reminds us of the big hats, the white gloves, the dainty sandwiches and our ultra feminine touches on our plastic tables.

Have a tea party if you need to feel like a little girl again, even better... have one with your little girl. It'll bring tears to your eyes.

So, I added a Tea party game.


Gold At The End Of The Rainbow:

This game is really a lot of fun.

Have the children leave the room and hide gold chocolate coins, small laminated rainbows, small laminated pots, and a single laminated leprechan.

The children come back into the room with their party bags and try to find all of the gold coins, the laminated rainbows, laminated pots, and the little laminated leprechan.

The children who find the rainbows and the pots will get a small party favor for each.

The child who finds the little leprechan will get a larger wrapped present (not too fancy or expensive).


I hope everyone enjoyed their tea party!!
Warm Blessings,


Crystal said...

Hey girl, I changed my URL site name. Its

I noticed that Google engine hits on me WAY too much and just to protect my site I made it a little more difficult to do. Anyone can just type in my name and it pulls up. For people like the EX husband i'd rather not make it so easy. Just change it in your links section and it should change it. Hope your having a good day;o) I'll be back in a bit to read!!!!

Erika said...

Thanks so much for your comment! I'm doing well...lots of loving family and friends and new blogging friends as well! I love your idea for the leprechaun game! My almost 4-year-old is currently obsessed with coins, so she'd love something like this!!

Crystal said...

Girl, I HATE to say this BUT I will....While my friends were having these wonderful tea parties, well, I was playin outside with the guys, riding bikes, climbing trees, that sort of stuff. BUT!!! I have had MANY tea parties with Samantha;o) She use to LOVE that sort of stuff and we really did have to put a drink of some kind in it to make it REAL!lol!