Thursday, March 13, 2008


Thankful Thursday

1.) I am thankful that the Foreman grill that mysteriously fell off the top shelf last night, didn’t hit anyone. (It was a freak thing!)

2.) I am thankful that my kids don’t give me a lot to worry about. Sometimes having bad grades and talking back when irritated makes me remember that it could be worse. A lot worse.

3.) I am thankful for my child care; she’s a wonderful woman who will never know how much I appreciate her.

4.) I am thankful that I am healthy, and can walk, dance with my kids, watch my son’s basketball games twice a week, work and type to my bloggy friends.

5.) I am thankful for the food I make every night for my kiddos, and that they eat healthy.

6.) I am thankful that I have met the people in my life, even the ones I wish I didn’t remember.

These are my “thankfuls” for the Thursday! It’s such a wonderful idea, and harder to do than I thought. Each week should get harder.

Well, not talking on Wednesday was hard J I missed babbling endlessly!

Ok, so, My food yesterday..

Breakfast: Grapefruit, cottage cheese with strawberries.
Snack: Odwalla protein drink
Lunch: 2 pork chops, brown rice, green beans, slice of banana bread
Snack: Odwalla protein drink, veggies
Dinner: Breakfast for dinner: Wheat pancake, turkey sausage, eggs

My food today:
Breakfast: Naked juice Superfood, granola bar
Snack: Granola bar, 90 calorie pack chocolate mint rice cakes.
Lunch: Stroganoff, peas, peaches
Snack: Veggies
Dinner: Spaghetti made with turkey meat.

I’ve been walking 30 minutes everyday and resisting the empty calories, chips, candy , etc.

Oh, and I got sleep last night J YAY me. I started a new routine. Issa is in the bath by 7:30 and LaLa is in the bath at the same time.
Nikki read to Issa last night and then 10 minutes to 8pm I put Issa down, she went right to bed.
I fed LaLa and then by 9:30pm, we were both in bed (in fact, the whole house was asleep.)
I woke up at 5:00 before the alarm again, I feel pretty nice J
Ok.. I’m gonna run over to a few blogs and say “Mornin’”, and then get some work done!!



Crystal said...

Great Thankful list sweet! Sometimes people take such advantage of the mundane things in their lives and never take the time to notice the next person just might be a little worse off. I just might start doing this with you now that I think about it. To "challenge" so to speak. To also take more notice in my own life;o) Thank you for sharing.

Damn girl, wheat pancakes, banana bread, Chocolate mint rice cakes...YUMMMMMM!!! I'm coming to live with you! What's two more kids. You can cook, i'll clean and take care of Issa and LaLa... & get me some sugars;o)LOL! I would SO love it if my kids were still little. Get all them sugars girl!

Glad getting your routine down and that your finally getting some rest. And good for you and exercising. I'm just going to have to PUSH myself harder to do it!

Crystal said...

Just fixin to shut it down and call it a night, thought i'd jump over and say...g'night;)LOL! Hope you've had a wonderful day. See you on the morrow;o)

Denise said...

I enjoyed your thankful list sweetie.

Ellen said...

Wow. You have so much to be thankful for. Sometimes I get to complaining about my body, that that it's feeling older and moving slower. But it is still healthy and can move and I should be more thankful for that.

Susan said...

Wow, what a beautiful family!

I know your hands are FULL~

So nice to meet you. Great list of things to be thankful for.


eph2810 said...

It is true - even though the kiddos talk back - it could be a lot worse.

I don't think you will run out of being thankful. Even the small things in life can be a huge blessing.

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart this past week.

Blessings to you and yours...