Monday, April 21, 2008

ErbaOrganics- Review I had promised!

Since my daughter was born on Christmas Day, she’s taken a bath. Every single night, either her father or I bathe her and use a well known product that smells of Chamomile and lavender. We want her to associate that smell with lotion, a warm night gown and a book before bedtime. It’s been wonderful to help keep her on a nightly schedule.

Somewhere during that year, I started reading about the impurities in those products, and the fact that every night I was putting this on my daughters skin, then came along her little sister January of the next year. Having two little girls, two bath times and two precious ones to worry about, I found myself looking for an alternative that I could live with.

That is where ErbaOrganics comes into play. A company started by a husband and wife team when they had their first son, to start making eco-friendly organic skincare for moms and babies. Products like Baby Shampoo, made with aloe vera leaf juice and mandarin peel oil create a product that I can not only feel good about using, but that also smells calming enough for a nighttime bath for my two little ones.

They offer a wonderful Mommy-to-be Travel Kit ($25) that has stretch mark oil and cream, oat bath and foot and leg refresher. This would be a soothing and creative gift for an expectant mother to use before and after her pregnancy.

ErbaOrganics not only offers an alternative in baby and mother skincare, they also give back to the WorldWide Orphans Foundation with 15% donated to the organization.


Crystal said...

GIRL!!! I'm going there right now and getting me some of that for Tasha!!! We've already gotten her baby diaper bags and pregnacy boks/journals/charts!!! Thanks for sharing this and I hope all is well with you;o)

Much love and hugs!!

Crystal said...

Girl where ARE YOU!!!! I need updates!lol! Hope your doing well and I love the new pics you put up!

Anonymous said...

Oh sounds great ill need to get some!