Friday, April 25, 2008

Being a Mom (What I *THOUGHT* I knew

Notes from my nest asked for a note/letter about what I know NOW about motherhood, that I didn't know before I became a mom. Having six kids over the past 16 years.. I've got a list... here are some of them.

*I didn't know baby poo could be yellow, and runny, and come out with enough speed to dislocate your shoulder if you aren't careful.

*I didn't know that they are like dogs, they will lick anything if given the chance.

*I didn't know how terrifying the words, "I don't know what is wrong" could be when it involves your child at the doctors office.

*I thought only in movies does a child say, "I love you" and fall into a coma. I also thought the reaction of the was staged.. it's not, it's real. It will stay in your memory forever!

*I thought parent teacher night was cool. I now think it's a necessary evil, and I get to start it all over again in 5 years!

*I thought only I thought my parents were stupid. NOpe... we all think that!

*I didn't think people actually failed the written test after being in line for two hours. It happens, try telling a 16 year old it's ok after THAT day! She still hasn't retaken the test.

*When all of your kids are in bed at 8:30pm, and you get some computer time, it's the greatest time in the world!

*Children are like sponges, teach them anything, they will emulate you. Even at 16, I can teach my daughter to start respecting the environment, and she will continue in her college years!

*They are the smartest and the dumbest creations.

*I cry all the time, every day, even when their friends have bad days, or have amazing accomplishments. You learn to love all children, not just your own!

Please feel free to add to these, either on your blog or on mine. I'd love to see some funny, sad, great posts out there!


Unknown said...

I throughly enjoyed reading your list. I think my fav was the that they will lick any thing given the chance.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mommy for putting up my embarrasing thing about me failing my test....
you are an amazing mommy! Don't let anyone EVER make you feel differently.
I love you MOMMY :]!