Friday, April 18, 2008

Boycott a site that stole a design from a Mompreneur!!

Hello everyone! I wanted to spread the word on this one. Trisha has become a great friend through the blogging community, not just as someone I respect, but someone whom I think is a truely good person. She started Bambina Ballerina and has amazing products. I visit her blog everyday, and this is what I found on there today. Please help support moms who work hard to create something original and have people stealing their ideas.


There will always be healthy competition out there in the boutique and designing world, but I wanted to tell you about something blantanly disgusting as far as copying someones idea.

I dropship my product for a lot of websites, meaning that they sell it for me, and I create and ship. Recently I went to one of my past dropshippers to check up. I had to take down my stuff because of a fire a few months ago, so I couldnt dropship. I wanted to let her know that I was back up again.

Guess what I find?

She has recreated, to the exact dimensions, my product and design and is selling it as her own. Not only is this tacky, it should never be accepted in the community of boutiques.

Come up with your OWN design, your OWN ideas.

Look at this very, very POORLY constructed ”hairbow holder” from my stolen design

Lets see…bodice shape..check, ribbon on the back..check…bows on the front..check..ribbons around the middle..check….criss cross on the bodice..yep, got that too.

The only thing she doesnt have is class, respect, her own idea, theme, and lets not forget, a product anyone would want to hang in their home.

One thing my dad taught me..if your gonna take someones idea, make sure you do it BETTER then they do. I would not let this hang in a boutique, much less in my daughters room.


Instead, if you want a quality, beautiful product that is original, amazing, and full of detail, not a cheap knock off, go directly to where I specialize in handmade gorgeous products day in and day out for your Princess.


Crystal said...

Oh that's just a bunch of BS if you ask me...Why do people have to do that??? Your blogger friend does wonderful work! I MUST go check her out! Thanks sweet for sharing;o) Hope your having a wonderful weekend and getting to RELAX!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww, thanks for posting my blog! Trust me, I contacted the girl and she had some very poor excuses.

A lot of people do very beautiful work out there and make a similar product, but all of us respect eachother enough to not rip off eachothers individual lines and designs...but this person sells my products, then goes off and copies everything exactly down to the my exact shoulder and bows and everything. Its just a sad shame.

I will always do my business honestly, by trial and error and learning, and finding new ways to create a beautiful product by my OWN brain and ideas. I wont rip off someone elses ideas.

Thank you for your support, your a sweetheart.

Memarie Lane said...

Wow, that is so wrong! There's no excuse for that kind of behavior.

Melanie said...

Wow- some people sure do have a lot of nerve. I can't believe someone would do that. Very sad.

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