Friday, January 15, 2016

Texas Girl with a Colorado Soul

I was born and raised in Texas.
I learned the history, the songs, 
the crazy terms 
and so many other things that make me a Texas girl at heart.

I hate the heat. 
Hate it; makes me wanna cry when I am in it. 
Seriously, I am 42 years old and it makes me cry

When I was 16 my father brought me to Colorado on vacation.
That was it, I told him I'd move here one day.
I did, about 5 years later.

I moved here permanently 
at the age of 27.
I love my life here.
Camping in Colorado can't be missed.

I would not have met the man of my dreams
if I didn't take the adventure half way across the U.S.

However, lately I am feeling a tug at my heart.
I miss my family in Texas.
(and Whataburger, but that is another story)

I wish I could go and make dinner for my folks once a week.
I wish I could go see my nieces and nephews.
I wish I could see my sister and listen to her stories in person.

My soul belongs here in Colorado,
but my heart really wishes everyone else
 I love would just move here and make
it easier on me.

#selfish #sorrynotsorry

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