Thursday, January 14, 2016

Norm of the North - In theatres tomorrow 1/15/2015

Tonight my husband and I took our two girls (ages 8 & 9) to see Norm of the North, which comes out in theatres tomorrow.

After walking out of the theatre we all had the same feeling. Cute movie, great for younger elementary school kids and had some very strong characters in it. The mother is strong and successful. Norm is funny and not a dumb male character (which is refreshing these days) and the little girl is brilliant and not inhibited by anything.

There are a lot of teaching points in this show and would be great for a class that is learning about helping save the planet and how just ONE person (or bear) can make a difference.

Comes out in theatres tomorrow, which is a fun Friday night movie. If you want to surprise the kids and do the movie on Saturday, feel free to use these printables to keep them entertained on Friday night.

Check out Norm of the North on Facebook as well.

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