Thursday, September 24, 2015

Parenting Win: My new reader

Much to my dismay, my little girls had trouble learning to read when they were little. They were in reading groups at school, did extra reading with teachers and assistants. It has been a long 3 years for all of us trying to get them to where they are now. I now have a 2nd and 3rd grader that are improving everyday.

Every night my girls and I read. They read to me and then I read to them. Sometimes it's Shel Silverstein, sometimes it's the new monthly book for our book shelves. We have books about Albert Einstein, President Lincoln, Rosie the Riveter and dragons. I am not picky about what we read, as long as we can all get lost in the book.

My girls love our hour we do at night, however they never seemed to get the bug and do it on their own much. Then it happened, I had gotten done with chapter one of "Smile".

I told the girls that we would read more the next night, when I looked up into my 8 year old daughters eyes, they finally showed the look I've had my whole life. They were hungry for more. She wanted to read until she fell asleep, then wake up and read more. I told her No at first, then decided it couldn't hurt anything. Gave her a flashlight and her book and let her read for another half hour on her own.

That is what starts the addiction, the need for the quiet time and a good book. To me,this is when a kid is never alone, a good book, a light and someone to urge them on.

I have a reader!!

Feeling like this is my best parenting win for the month!! :)

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