Monday, September 28, 2015

Happy Birthday to my husband

See that man right there with me?

Today is his birthday.

I say Happy Birthday to my kids, my relatives however I never can show him enough what he means to me!

Seven years and two days ago I went on a date with him. Our first date. The first time we ever laid eyes on one another.

Two days after that we had another date, it was his birthday and for lack of knowing what in the heck to get a man I just met for his birthday, I got him a Charlie Brown card, because when it comes to anything in life, Charlie Brown and the gang always makes it easier.

We never stopped dating one another since we met.

Every one of his birthdays has been surrounded with an anniversary since then, however without his birthday, we wouldn't have any anniversaries.

So... Let me say, from the bottom of my heart:

THANK you to his parents 
for bringing the best man I've ever met into this world.
For raising him, encouraging him,
Tempering him,
and allowing him the strength to be the man he is today.

Happy Birthday my darling husband.
I expect at least another 44 years out of you!

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