Monday, August 10, 2015

Summer 2015

Backpacks are by the front door stuffed with supplies, all pockets bulging awaiting back to school meet and greet. First day of school outfits are hanging in their closets and snack is being decided. Everyone went to bed early and woke up to their alarm clocks for the first time since June.

We are on 3 days and counting, Three days left of swim practice, all day computer time and ice cream on the back porch. Three days of me not having to get off work at 3pm and zip to their school, find a parking spot and be waiting at the glass doors with my Mommy friends to give big hugs and asking, “Let me hear all about it”

Summer 2015 is almost over.

This summer we had a lot of firsts. First fish caught, first tubing trip, digglers and riding the ski lift in Copper mtn, first bumper cars on ice, first time at Disney & Vegas , swimming and seeing the ocean. There were playdates, Water World, camping trips, new foods and two sports camps. They learned so much this summer.

I will miss their tan legs draped over me as we watch a movie, or listening to them through the open windows in the evening as they eat on the back porch. Their scooters littering the front yard was well as Popsicle sticks and random dolls that made it outside the house. I will miss simple dinners of veggies, fruit and sandwiches. It’s like the calm days of summer will fade away the moment that first bell rings and their little feet pitter into the school building getting hugs from favorite teachers or office staff.

As I look out the window at work I see a summer rain beating against the glass, I’m leaving work in 30 minutes to zip home and take my youngest to gymnastics and get in an hour with a good book. I’m not willing to give up the feeling of summer, even if I know the truth in my heart.

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