Monday, July 13, 2015

Water World Colorado Opens a new ride: Warp Speed

My kids and I went to Water World at the beginning of the summer for a fun kick off weekend for us. I can promise you that nothing else will wear out a group of elementary school kids and their family better than water slides, wave pool fun and sunburn!


While we were there we saw a new ride being built. Now it is done and it looks AMAZING!

Warp Speed is a first generation interactive water slide gaming challenge, Some equate it as if playing Guitar Hero - using your whole body to navigate through 3D space. It is the area’s first dual flume experience using a Slideboard, a totally new water slide vehicle product being debuted in the United States this year.

Consistent with Water World’s cosmic theme, “starcraft” riders will be treated to a personalized journey through a worm-hole, with a story line that puts them in a space outpost training simulator traveling at warp speed while shielding themselves from cosmic hazards. Using hand held light seeker buttons, riders try to eliminate those threats. Automated scoring will track each rider’s individual success and allow them to go to a higher gaming level in their next journey.

Space riders can actually sign into the game’s App at home to play the game virtually (, then come to Water World to experience the game physically on a Slideboard. Afterwards, riders can be gaming on the App at home to increase their score until their next visit to the park.
As soon as I can get back out there I will let you know what the ride is like, looks like more fun that will make me win Mom of the Year again!!

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