Wednesday, December 3, 2014

WalMart Grocery To Go - Crafts for Thanksgiving and Beyone

Prepared [pri-paird] adjective 
 Properly expectant, organized, or equipped; ready 

This is something I strive for and rarely meet. But I’m as prepared as I can be on a daily basis, when it comes to long term; I’m not always the least frazzled. 

 So when I heard about  Walmart Grocery To Go I knew that it was going to help me while I was in Texas for Thanksgiving. See, I had a calendar planned out, I was ready for the season, but finding time to go to the store, grab what I need (without a list because I always leave it on the counter), elbow through crowds only to find out the glitter and googly eyeballs are gone, was enough to make me cry. 

Who has time for that? 

I want to make these.

See why I need the googly eyeballs? 

So… before I left for Thanksgiving I ordered my art supplies (plus extras- Yes, that is A LOT of construction paper, in a household like mine, it’s a necessity), my glitter, googly eyes and snacks, because crafting makes you hungry and set them up to be delivered by December 5th. I came home on November 30th and all the packages were happily sitting on my kitchen counter awaiting my arrival.

You can imagine my excitement when I got to open everything and not have to shop during the week back from vacation. I now get to do crafts every night with my kids and have no stress about the next night’s activities. 

 Have you seen my calendar? 

That is a lot of crafts and snacks that are needed to keep my three + kids occupied for the whole month of December.

 Are you a busy mom? Working outside the home or not, we are all so busy we can't keep up sometimes, you need to free up some of your time so you can enjoy the season and NOT stress about shopping.

 Try Walmart Grocery to go, it’s a time reliever and everyone needs that! If you are looking to start a new WalMart Grocery To Go account, please use this link. Walmart Grocery To Go

As a participant in the Walmart Grocery to Go program, I've received a personal invite and payment for my time and efforts in creating this post.

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