Thursday, November 20, 2014

Jawbone Mini Jambox

It is amazing the way music can change the energy in my house.  My husband started doing breakfast dance parties with the kids while they eat breakfast to help them wake up. I have music playing in my bedroom when I go to bed early to drown out any noises. When we are cleaning or working around the house we usually have dance music on to get the BPM to help our feet move!

So when I saw the Jawbone Mini Jambox I knew it was a perfect speaker for my 13 year old daughter. She was moving into her own room and needed something she could listen to music with, streaming straight from her cell phone.
It was so easy to set up. Sync it up, Bluetooth activate and you are ready to go. Small enough to fit in jeans pockets, yet designed to deliver incredible sound quality and volume for its size, the mini Jambox is an ideal companion for anyone that wants to transport their music with them.

Jawbone's Mini Jambox now comes with even bigger sound: The new Multi Play mode allows a wireless connection between two mini Jambox for in unison or separate stereo playback.  The new Multi Play function couples two Mini Jamboxes to double the volume and control, without interrupting your audio.

Right now, before the holidays, the Mini Jambox can be bought on for 99$. It’s a perfect gift for the teen/adult child/music lover in your life. Go check out the Mini Jambox and the bundle package available here.

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