Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Gwynnie Bee Lowdown

When I first saw all the ads of Gwynnie Bee I was skeptical. How silly was it to send people clothing and have them send it back when they are done or bored with the style. Then I looked at my schedule with kids sports, my work, time with my husband and friends as well as the lack of desire to try on clothes in a boutique. I am the person this was made for.

I don't have time to drive to a mall, find a designer shop that has clothing in my size, try them ALL on and then convince myself to purchase something I might never wear again. I also work in a mechanic shop so when I look at what I want to wear to work, most of the clothes in those stores aren't very "relaxed". At Gwynnie Bee they are: Cardigans, dresses, skirts, shirts.... they have a style for everyone.

So, you log on and subscribe to Gwynnie Bee, you have full access to their collection. These aren't small time stores, it's things like: AX Paris, Cullen, DNKY, Eight Sixty, Lily White and about sixty other brands. It feels like they have new arrivals every few days and you get an email (almost like a new gift at Christmas) telling you new styles are awaiting for you to peek at.

They will ship out your items along with blue postage-paid shipping bags to return the clothing immediately or after your wore it for two weeks or when it's good and dirty! No reason to wash the clothes, wear and return. It's saving you laundry! Then you click on a link saying, "Return item"  and they immediately work on shipping your next item. Easy Peasy, right?

I have had MANY outfits that I tried on, hated the moment I saw them on my body and thrown them back into the bag so they can get returned. The mailman at my work laughs because there is a blue bag waiting for him once a week of items to return.

Now, here are a few tips I've found after being with them for 2 months:

*You will NOT get the clothing in any order, nor do you get to choose what they send you. This is was my first lesson with GB and I almost cancelled due to it. I was going on stage in a month and needed a dress, I never got it, I wrote them and was upset because I had hoped to wear it for the engagement. It is a lesson learned, remember, you won't get what you want, so just pick at your leisure and enjoy the ride.

*Read the reviews, they will tell you if you need to go up a size or down a size, or even if you want to bother with an outfit due to it's weird fit.

*If you like it, buy it. Seriously, it's like 60% off to buy it on the Gwynnie Bee site and you don't have to wait for them to be delivered, they are already in your hands (or on your body, like mine were when I bought them).

*Write reviews to help other. Make sure you put in your height, what size you normally wear and what size you got so people can get an idea on how it'll fit on them.

Now What? Go sign up and get your first month free!! Yes, FREE! I am attaching my Referral Code to this post, if you do use my referral code, it gets me an extra item of clothing for a month, free. I like free. :)
Enjoy the freedom of shopping without the commitment!

(This is NOT a sponsored post. But all the links to GB are with my referral code)

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