Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer time, School time and everything in between- Kidecals Rescue!

Yesterday I spent sometime on Pinterest looking up ideas for teacher gifts. Yes, we are a month away, however it's not too soon to think about the upcoming school year. My daughter"s got an amazing set of decals last year which I used on everything.

*Water bottles
*Holiday gifts
*Sports equipment

So this year, they got new ones. Variety is the spice of life right? Well Kidecals has a TON of variety. In fact, I got my nephew some last year so when he goes off to daycare all of his stuff is properly labeled, no risk in losing stuff that my sister paid good money for.

They are also waterproof so when they go into the dishwasher, pool or muddy soccer field, the name won't wear off. It's almost like they are kidproof (almost!).

(A Megaset gives you 132 labels for only 44$)

Then I did something I rarely do. I did something for me.
I got a new laptop last year and LOVE it... it's my baby... it also need to be an extension of me because it needs to last me a long time.

I got myself a beautiful set of these:

And now my teens are jealous. I guess we know what THEY are getting for Christmas, right?

So.. I wouldn't delay. They are having a Free Shipping on all orders and 15% if you sign up or Google + them! So go ahead and get a head start before the madness begins!

(I was compensated for my time however all the words were my own)

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