Sunday, March 16, 2014

Leprechaun Treats- St. Patricks Day idea

I love teasing my kids. It's so much fun for me because it's a way to play with them and makes them think. It's not malicious or meant to hurt them, just to keep them young since the world works against that everyday.

This year my friend, Housewife Hellraiser, turned me onto these adorable Wee Little Leprechaun Donuts. So I spent sometime on Friday making the donut boxes and then some more time this morning with Cheerios and other ingredients to make the rest.

The first batch I made by dipping the top in Nutella and then putting the green/white sprinkles over the top. This is sticky so be prepared for a mess.

The second batch is white frosting with green sprinkles over the top.

The third batch is spray butter on the Cheerios in a baggie and then shake in some sugar and cinnamon. These are my favorite!!

I put them all in freezer to help set the toppings and make it less messy when I stack them in the boxes and leave them as a surprise for the kids on St. Patricks morning. My kids will wake up to their "Elf on a Shelf" (his name is: Ornament) dressed up in green tomorrow. I know they'll be excited to see him back for a little.

St. Patricks Leprechaun - 2014

(Credit to: - March 2014 - Kids in the kitchen- Leprechaun doughnut boxes)


Dari said...

Cute idea! I really want to get creative, but totally blew it this year. I need to start planning NOW for Easter :)

Catherine @ Evolving Mommy said...

How fun!