Friday, January 10, 2014

Teaching My Daughters - How to use a screwdriver- January 2014

I don't feel like I'm a bra burning, screaming angry feminist, however, many people see me that way because of how vocal I am with wanting my daughters to learn the same things as my sons.

When I was a single mom, I did all the repairs in the house. When doors wore out, I learned to chisel out the wood to create new notches for door hinges to rest in, I learned how to fix a toilet when the chain came off the flushing mechanism and I learned how to install a hard drive and/or memory into a desktop.

How did I learn those things? Some of them were trial and error, some were TV shows and some were watching other people do it. Why? Because I didn't know anyone else who could/would do it and it gave me a sense of accomplishment to do them on my own.

Now, there are still certain things I have no idea how to do. Mowing a lawn, trimming trees and much to my husbands dismay, use a power washer properly. However, I have confidence that if anyone else can do it, so can I.

So... while I was on the website: The Art of Manliness, I came across an article about, "Toolmanship: How to use a screwdriver" and learned more about screwdrivers than I knew in my years of using them. *THIS* is something I want to teach my daughters! I want them to go into the world knowing all these things that will one day help them. Even if their significant other doesn't know it, at least they will.

That being said... here are few more articles from The Art of Manliness I want to teach my daughters.

Toolmanship: Wrenches
Toolmanship: Handsaw 
Toolmanship: Hammer

(This meme was created by Suzanne Bastien (me), because I want my children to be taught everything they need to make it in this world. Even if they only use it once.)

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