Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Birthday Party "Frozen" Style

"Frozen" Birthday Party Theme

The baby of our family turned 6 years old last week. SIX!

Out of seven children, she is the youngest one and the fifth girl. Yes, our house is full of glitter and chocolate... it's how we live.

So when she wanted a birthday party full of face painting and a bouncy house, I accepted the challenge. However, Colorado didn't allow a bouncy house, in January. Something about blowing winds and cold temperatures. But, we managed.

So we had a few things lined up:

* First, Decorate your own cookie. It allows kids to hang out at the kitchen table when they first get to the party and get to know one another while dumping ridiculous amounts of sugar onto a hard cookie that will break baby teeth.

*Second, run, play, scream and tattle on one another until I pull out the face painting.

*Third, Face paint (Warning: this takes VERY long!!! Almost a full hour depending on the amount of kids you have)

During all of this you can have things like, a "Snow-Corn" Station (Idea from: Yellow Bliss Road). We had a variety of different popcorn flavoring the kids could have on their popcorn. Kettle corn, ranch and cheddar.

You could also do an Indoor Snowball fight! (Indoor Snowballs)

We also did a really easy favor bag out of white bags and some snowflake stickers. The girls helped me decorate them and we put some cute items inside like "Snow Dough" (Playdoh with a sticker on it).

Happy Birthday Little LaLa... Hope you enjoyed your "Frozen" Brithday Party!

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