Monday, September 30, 2013

Too early to think about Holiday cards? Think again - Minted

All year long I take photos of my kids and one of the key phrases that comes out of my mouth is:

"That is going on the Christmas card."

It's true, there is only 1 month out of the year that I don't think about Holiday cards and that starts when I mail out my card for the current year. I always loved holiday cards when I was a kid. My mom would put them on the mantle and during one of the cold winter nights, I'd stand on the fireplace and read all the letters from family/friends.

So, Yes, I have been going through card sites already. Heck, I already have half my shopping done, so looking at cards is natural progression.

This year, Minted was my first site. I instantly fell in love with their Holiday mini-book collection.

Seven pages of photos and family milestones? I want to do this EVerY year. I have 7 kids, I need all the space someone will give me.

Now, that being said, Minted is not only for Holiday cards, but they do a plethora of other creative paper related products:

They also have inspiration boards to help you with your holiday decorating and seasonal happiness. I know I always need tons of help for new ideas.

Go ahead and check out for all of your holiday card, photos, gift ideas!!

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