Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Busy people stop harder

I used to always say... The only way to slow down a busy woman, is to make it so she doesn't have a choice. The powers that be are a motivated group of people... they manage to slow down the busiest of women in one fell swoop.

I've watched my friends go through cancer, divorce and stress, lupus, diabetes and severe complications due to childbirth. Every one of them was forced to slow down, and they are starting to find solace in that bit of down time being allowed to them.

Photo taken by: Suzanne Bastien - Bastien Photography

Stop and smell the roses, Enjoy the little things, Tomorrow never comes.... it's time for us to embrace those small sayings that people started saying before us (probably very tired women. :) ) and don't force the powers that be to stop you in your tracks.

What can you stop doing today to enjoy what my 5 year old daughter calls as "Momma time"? (AKA: Sitting in my lap just to talk)

Have you sat on your back porch and listened... just listened?

Take some time off this week and go to an outdoor Starbucks, get some hot cocoa and sit. Are you tired? Where does your mind go to first? What can you do to change things up so you don't lose those moments?

Listen to your body, mind and soul before it's too late.

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