Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Window

In the front of my house is a large window with a beautiful window seat that's perfect for sitting on and watching the world zip by.

My street gets super busy when school is beginning or ending. However, the majority of the time, it's quiet. We have more dog walkers and kids riding bikes than cars. We have a basketball game going on three doors down and a roller hockey game a block away. Neighbors gossiping and a ladies walking group that is returning from their nightly stroll.

All of this through a few panes of glass....

We have seen kids get their shoe laces caught in their pedal and ran out to help them. We've hidden inside from the sprinklers while the girls run through in brightly colored lyrca. Snow storms have been viewed through those windows, with the two news reporters, Dave and I, reciting what we'd read on our Blackberry's about the state of the storm and how long it'll last.

Window Seat By: Bastien Photography

(Window seat by: Bastien Photography)

I've sat on that window seat and waited for my husband to get home just to see his smiling face.
My 6 year old and I have claimed that seat as our reading nook on springtime days when we need to get some homework done.

I'm sure, there are times that the neighbors drive by and see us all eating at the dinner table or cooking with a group of friends.

Sometimes when I look out those windows, I realize that instead of looking out, I should be looking in, because the most important things are going on right inside those large windows and I better pay attention before they zip by as well.

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