Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little Monkey Business Coupon

Last month my girls got to go to their first birthday party with a preschool mate. We drove up to Little Monkey Business and saw a fairly non-descript building. With bags full of pink tissue paper and a very strong coffee in my hand we went inside.

Wow… never judge a book by its cover.

This place is awesome. For birthday’s they have a separate meeting room, a separate play area JUST for the birthday kids and a private room for eating/cake, etc. And that is just the “cool” parent perks.
For the kids they have climbing walls, two bouncing houses, a climbing structure and an area for the “little ones”. Yea… needless to say my daughters were in hog heaven, they had about 30 other kids with them and made friends with everyone.

Little Monkey Bizness, A Place For Parents, A Place For Kids

*Little Monkey Bizness™* (by the creators of Monkey Bizness™) is a new concept for parents and “*little*” kids. Moms and Dads can indulge themselves in our full-service gourmet coffee bar complete with a variety of fresh, healthy food choices and then sit back and relax in our comfortable cafĂ© style seating area overlooking a 3,000-sq-ft play area. So, bring the “*Little*” ones in for a “*Little*” Monkey Bizness, have a “*Little*” gourmet coffee and enjoy a “*Little*” conversation…That’s* Little Monkey Bizness*

Did I just see –gourmet coffee bar-? They had me at …. Gourmet…. I can’t wait to take the kids, grab some of my girlfriends and make a day of it. I’m certain one relaxing day before the wedding is in my calendar!

Print and Save.

Little Monkey Bizness Save $1.50 on all open play times and 10% Off Parties! 

(I am a member of Colorado Kids - US Family Guide and was given tickets for this event. If you are a blogger and interested in joining this group please use this link. All US bloggers welcome!)

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