Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bathroom Remodel Smith Family Style

Dave doesn’t do anything half way. It might take him 2 months to get a project in his head, map it out, figure out dimensions and then one day I come home to a house full of saw horses, paint, and tile. It’s kind of like Christmas for remodeling freaks. Which, I am quickly becoming.

In the 2.5  years since I moved into the home he has built 2 bedrooms, a 10 person kitchen table, spice rack, raised garden boxes (soon to be water barrels added) and now the newest project, remodeled both bathrooms in the house.

We start off with an idea, usually his. Then we go tile hunting. We both look, talk, take samples, etc. and THEN… the ‘one’ shows up (Emperial Slate – Tile for Less)- . Same with the sink, I dragged him into IKEA  (my personal Nirvana) and we wandered through the bathroom section until we found a sink that we fell in love with. 

I did some before and after photos so I can always remember the wreck it was before.

Walls – baby blue
Trim – White
Window- Blinds
Sink- 1990’s style, HUGE counter, one tiny sink.
Floors- White tile, 1 inch grout lines, broken and cracking


Walls- Light brown
Trim – Dark Brown
Window – Framed and shade
Sink- IKEA BRÅVIKEN - trough style with two faucets 
Floors – Emperial Slate , grouted properly

The end result is amazing, it’s like being in a spa, Dave added a new rain shower head, or as Kara’s boyfriend calls it “The mothership”. It’s an amazing space and he’s so proud if it. It’s our oasis in the midst of chaos.

Next week I’ll put up photos from the kids bathroom, their transformation is just as amazing. As a side note, I despise removing wallpaper, luckily it wasn’t put on very well so once I got into the groove it was easy to get off the walls.

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Custom Mirrors Nassau County said...

Looks like a completely transformed restroom! Very impressive, I love seeing it when home owners go from the traditional blue or yellow to the modern black and sleek simple look. Fantastic.

-Irwin Zinkin