Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tie the Knot Thursday 11/10

Wedding plans are amazing. Even for a girl who never planned out her wedding they can be magical. It's hard to start the dream, but when you do... the dream flows and comes together like you had it in the back of your mind the whole time.

I love traditional, I love chic, I love trendy but I love the feel of vintage. I adore the concept of the 50's when marriage was like a party all week long and there were tin cans tied to the backs of black sedans and dresses were full of tulle and simple heels. Marriage was an institution then, it had defined rules and the attire was just as  fanciful.

Now, mix in Tradition and Eclectic and you've got my wedding! Wanna see some things I'm drooling over.
Remember to click on the photos to see the amazing designers of these items, as always, I ONLY use Etsy for all my ideas, because what better way to spread cheer and love, than helping out an artist?

The color, the sparkle, the fact that nothing will be killed in the process of having my wedding? (Other than the amount of beef that will be consumed... but I digress). I want something that will last, I want a brooch I can take off and wear, then return to my bouquet which will last forever... that being said... I'm in love with this!!

Can I tell you a secret? I've always thought red butterflies on a backdrop of white would be a beautiful wedding. The contrast of the crimson against the stark white perfection of the white.... it speaks to my inner rebel. Now.. who wants to eat the butterflies? Yea... I thought so... me too....

Made By: Sugar Robot

Dave and I have chose a quiet wedding, Small, intimate and only with family. We have chose a reception that is the total opposite. HUGE party, at a barn with a DJ, goats running around and horses. Yes... I plan on going crazy for our reception, tons of people and a constant flow of .... drinks. So if you get lost on the way there... just follow the signs.

I rarely do anything for grooms on my Tie the Knot Thursdays, but today, I'm going to start! Every Thursday I'll have one thing for men in my quick guide to give my darling fiancee ideas of what I think he'd love! Or... what I'd love... either way, it's fitting. :)  These mean "Strength", written in Kanji on wood... for my guy, whom I think is the greatest superhero... they are perfect!


Get Clued In! said...

Where is this reception and can I come? Everything sounds magical - oh I love ya girl - this is great!

Get Clued In! said...

Oh wow girl sounds magical. I hope I can come to this reception - wow! Everything sounds great. Good luck and let me know if you need anything.