Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shutterfly Holiday cards and gifts

I love holiday cards! Every year I hang them up in our kitchen so I can see them while I cook and get tons of questions from my little ones asking who each relative/friend is.

I love them even more when they have personalized photos on them because many times I don’t get to see my friends kids grow up. Since I live so far away from many of my family and friends,  are the best way to connect with people I rarely get to see.

Oh, and I love shopping for myself as well, Hey… a girl can dream right?

I really like this one, simple, easy and if I could get my 7 kids to sit still I’d have a great photo like this one.

Now, for the grandparents this year I was thinking about getting something like a photo personalized gift for them, something so they can show off their grandkids for 2011. Great way to brag right?

With 2012 looming in the horizon, we could all use a calendar, not something with kitties or random landscape photos, but something with our families on it showing the smiling faces we sometimes forget about.  I’d love to get one with all our family in it, my mom and dad, siblings, cousins, etc. I think this would go great on my desk… hint hint to my family!

If you look at making holiday cards make sure to check out Shutterfly, they are beautiful and can get them done in plenty of time for the upcoming holidays. Less than 60 days until it’s upon us!

~I received compensation for this post, all opinions are mine, as always~

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SupermomWannabe said...

I love things like that, photo calendars! I've given away plenty to others...probably about time I made one for my own home, great idea!