Friday, September 16, 2011

Campus Book Rentals

                My oldest daughter, Kara is a student at the UC Boulder here in Colorado. It’s an amazing school and has everything a college kid could ask for. It’s a beautiful town, has a beautiful campus with access to skiing, shopping, small town appeal with college kids everywhere.

Money is tight all over and when it came down to paying for college we were lucky that she could ask for financial aid to pay for a top rate education, with a top rate education come high costs for everything, including books.

As her mom I want to make sure to help her with every aspect of her life including finding ways to cut costs and Campus Book Rentals is one easy way to do that. How it works:

2.    Rent your textbooks.
3.    Receive your textbooks - FREE shipping offered!
4.    Return your textbooks - We Provide the Return Envelope and Shipping is FREE!!!

Sounds easy right? You can save up to 90% on purchase price, which means the rental price is MUCH cheaper, you will get them through UPS, any book returned within the first 30 days after the order date will be refunded 100%. So if you need to drop a class you won’t have to pay for that book.

They also have incorporated an, at no extra charge, a 15 day grace period which allows you to rent 
your book early or hold on to it late in the case of a later than normal final exam.

Also, if you decide you want to keep your book forever, simply access your account and select the book or books you wish to buy. Then select the "Buy and Keep My Books" button. This amount is the difference between what you already paid in rental fees and the value of the book. If you decide to purchase the book, simply complete the checkout process. Your account will be updated to show the new status. This is why renting is truly risk free.

Campus Book Rentals also donates to Operation smile with each book order to help donate enough to cover a minimum of 1,000 life changing surgeries to cleft lip surgeries on children whose families couldn't otherwise afford it. 

So, with upcoming college kids, or family members that have those fees coming up, this is the perfect way to save money for the students and peace of mind for you.

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