Friday, May 27, 2011

Tie the Knot Thursday - Simple Bride

The wedding is coming together slowly; I want Colorado forest, romantic fabrics, artistic ways to remember my friends and family. I want subtle, sweet and a Colorado reception with simple breezes and a lot of laughs. Yes… I think I’ve figured out our wedding, now I just need location, time and everything that comes with it 66 weeks in advance!

Think I can buy that through Etsy? I betcha I can….

(Remember to click on the links below the photos to find the great artists)

What an elegant, simple, beautiful dress as you leave for your honeymoon or an engagement party! I think this would be perfect…

Birds… Love Birds….. I LOVE birds! Love birds on a wedding cake? Yes.. I’ll swoon now!

I am not a fan of gold, but something like this to wear after the wedding, as a reminder that true love can never be repressed. Ahem…. Dave... Birthday is coming up soon... Just sayin’… J

My favors will be local Colorado treats that people can pick through to choose what they want and fill up a shopping tote. I want Colorado friends/Texas family and everyone else to experience, smell and taste Colorado at it’s finest. So when I saw this local tea.. I fell in love!


Mental Chew said...

You are the Etsy Queen. I personally have an Etsy and a Pinterest problem. Quick question, who made your page header?

elenareviews said...

I like the dress, is beautiful.