Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tie the Knot Thursday - 4/14/11

This is my favorite day of week! I love doing Tie the Knot Thursdays, it gives me tons of ideas and I think Etsy has the best creators I’ve ever seen, what more could I ask for in planning a wedding than beautiful handmade items. That being said, I’m a Texas girl that purposely transplanted my heart and body in Colorado. I fell in love with this state when I was 16 and swore I’d move here one day, 5 years later I was here. My gypsy soul moved me back and forth between Texas and Colorado until 2000 when I finally settled here for good. I love that Colorado is full of all the things I grew up doing like camping, horses, trails, and outdoor life during all times of the year. So, when I got my Etsy Wedding article yesterday and it said “Boots and BBQ”, I actually squealed… it ties together all the things I love!!

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This would be a great thing to hang on the wall after the wedding, a beautifully carved and painted reminder that love never truly ends and that we are prime examples of that. Then to see the writings of people I love makes it special.

                                                              Creator: Inspired by Marie

My wedding has changed in my head over the past month or so. I’ve finally allowed myself to dream a little, started seeing things as a little girl would when she dreams about marrying the man of her dreams. So when I see rustic, shabby chic style items, my heart skips a beat. I know I want things like this for my guests to take home and remember us by.

                                                            Creator: Homespun Sprout

With 7 kids there is a guarantee that that we have bridemaids and ringbearers. So when I saw this original piece of a birds nest (yep, I always go back to birds) I thought it was adorable! I want my ring resting in THIS nest.

                                                                      Creator: dearjes

Wedding dress: hair style: jewelry: groom: guests: cake: a pair of boots made just for my wedding that I can wear day in and day out remember OUR special day. It’s a GO!!

                                                           Creator: Sadie Deluxe

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