Friday, April 8, 2011

Eucerin - Skin Savvy Nation

Eczema - an inflammatory condition of the skin attended with itching.

Prior to meeting Dave’s family I’d never really heard of this. I knew what Psoriasis was, I knew about dry skin and winter time itching when it gets dry inside my house, but never the issues that occur with Eczema and how painful it can be for those that suffer with it.

I am always trying new ways for Dave to find comfort after a shower and in the dry season when he needs moisture in his skin. So I received some Eucerin Daily Skin Balance Body Lotion and let him try it for two weeks. He loves it, it soaks in quickly, there is no baby powder or overly strong scent and he can put in on before going to bed without concern for our sheets.

Daily Skin Balance Lotion is designed to enhance skin’s health with a unique, patent-pending technology with pro-vitamin B5, glycerin and pH buffer. It helps to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and natural defenses, while providing 24 hour moisturization, and helps balance the skin’s natural pH level. It is lightly fragranced and has a non-greasy, lightweight, fast absorbing formula intended for daily use.

Then I got to try out this great daily face lotion with a mild SPF and again, no strong scents or perfumes. It is perfect for this time of year and how dry Colorado can be. I put it on when my skin feels extra dry and needs a boost of moisture to make it through the day. I can put it on at night without worrying about how long it’ll take to soak in.

They are doing the Eucerin Create a Skin Savvy Nation Movement on Facebook, They are traveling around the country and you can visit them in your town. Check out their Facebook page, Make the commitment and they will send you a sample of Eucerin Everyday Protection.

~I received product from Eucerin, all review opinions are my own~

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