Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Disney on Ice: Princess Classics

Last week I had the opportunity to hang out with some of my favorite ladies and all their kids. Let me tell you, the amount of tulle, sparkle and bouncy girls was beautiful in the Denver Coliseum and they were all gathered for one special occasion.


                                                                   Lots of them.

                                                                 Ice skating.



There was even a fight against the evil Ursula and with the amount of knights in shining armor every little boy has something to aspire to as well! If you have an opportunity, make sure you see this in your town! It's the best thing out there and the look on every little one's face is beautiful.

There is still time left!
They will be in Arizona for the next week!    Get your tickets now at Ticketmaster.com!

 ~These opinions are my own~

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