Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tie the Knot Thursday - 2/3/11

I am a bird lover, always have been. My first bird’s name was Woodstock, and then there was Baby, Snoopy… then Calvin and Hobbes, the last three were ring neck doves. I am currently not a crazy bird lady because Dave is not a fan of them and we made a deal… no pets. Since I don’t like cats and dogs I had to sacrifice my love of birds and fish.

So… to make up for the lack of birds in my life, I was thinking about having birds in my wedding. I can sneak some in right? Think he’d notice? What is more romantic than doves when it comes to the theme of love?

(click on the photos to go to each Etsy designers site)

I think these would be so cute on Thank you notes after the wedding… unique and very US…

I am currently looking for local artists to do the invitations for the wedding, I want something “Colorado” and help out a local individual who is creative by heart, I found this cool design and guess what? It’s got a bird snuck in there.

Handmade treats, cupcakes with a chocolate mold design on the top. I LOVE this idea! I bet I could make soap in it as well to giveaway as favors!

I’d love to have streamers of these around my reception hall, what a beautiful way to decorate after the wedding on anniversaries! A reminder of our family and friends enjoying the evening with us!

I know these will be at the wedding. The idea of having a wish tree and then to recreate it every anniversary so we have the thoughts of all our friends and family with us makes my heart flutter.


Anne Fannie said...

Thanks for including my wedding wish tree tags from my Etsy Store!
Your a doll.

2x2momma said...

Super cute! I love the Valentine tree! You are a total inspiration to me Suzanne!