Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tie the Knot Thursday - 2/24/11


I smiled the whole time……..

Perfect for one another

This is how I want my wedding described… something made from humorous fairy tales mixed with laughing gas.

From the bottom of my wedding to the top, I want things that’ll make people smile… Dave has the most amazing sense of humor and I’ve never met a person that didn’t say to me, “Man… he’s a funny guy”. So, this edition of “Tie the Knot Thursday” is going to be dedicated to the funny side of life.

(Remember to click on the photos to get to these amazing Etsy creators)

What about these cute appliqués to my shoes? Yes… I’ll be in some snazzy heels; Yes… these will be attached to the bottom, a bit of funny with a touch of flash.

Puzzles, toys, candy and soda pop, Remember being a kid? Remember laughing and playing all the time, a marriage should be full of that so there’s no reason for the wedding not to be. Pomp and Circumstance are great, but who wants to look at a photo of “Why so Serious?”…. I am marrying my best friend… I’m supposed to be happy about it, so here’s a great addition to the tables for the kids and the kids at heart.

These are so cute to put in cupcakes or little homemade candies on the treat table. These will put a smile on the face of anyone who fell in love with the magic of “Alice in Wonderland”

What a fun gift this would be to send to Dave right before we walk down the isle, a way to remind him everyday that he’s the reason I believe in love, even if it takes a little bit to read it! Creative right? Love this…..

Have creative kids? Want to give all of them the chance to create themselves? Part of a blended family like mine and want everyone to find their own style in a wedding at melds the families forever? These would be a fun, creative way to allow everyone their own “place”

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