Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tie the Knot Thursday - 2/10/11

Splashes of bright colors and cute phrases seem to be "in" this season. Originality mixed with tradition is what brides and grooms are looking for to adorn their weddings with personality and one of a kind pieces that people will use for years to come.

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I love this idea of heart garland, not just because Valentines is 4 days away, but because this would be wonderful on the wall above the cakes, a whimsical way to put art behind us during our cake cutting photos, wouldn't you agree??

I am always on the search for stunning pieces for my bridal party, and since I haven't picked them out yet, I figure I have to find pieces that will look beautiful on anyone, this hairpin is PERFECT for all hair lengths and is one of a kind.

I had not thought about how I'd tell the world I was the new Mrs. Smith... but I think this way is kinda chic and a little cute. I mean.... I'll be off the market for good, why not introduce myself properly.

How CUTE are these?? I could decorate them up every season, little roses for Valentine's Day, Ornaments for Yule and best of all.... Pearls and the colors of our wedding for the anniversary. I am TOTALLY keeping these on my list of things I desire for the wedding.

Sometimes this'll come in handy, too many spirits makes things uncomfortable, but a beautiful flask hidden in the maid of honor's clutch might JUST be what the doctor ordered.

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