Saturday, February 5, 2011

Those memories that won't fade...

There is something magical about seeing the kids face when they spot Mickey Mouse or when Cinderella dances her way on stage. It always brings a tear to my eye and chokes me up to see them smile and wave to the characters before them.

Last night I raced home from work, got the kids packed and ready to go then zipped off to the lightrail to ride in comfort downtown with Dave and the three youngest.

It was Dave's first time and I think he's a pretty big fan, no fighting traffic, no backseat driving from me and the kids loved the new experience.

We got to Disney Live right on time, slipped into our seats and even got some face time with some of my favorite ladies!

Before long we were yelling AbraCadabra and singing along to the music.

My children might not carry these memories with them and when they read my blog in 15-20 years, they might say, "Oh yea... I remember doing that." but I know that when they are all gone I'll pull those memories out and smile.

  • I'll remember them yelling at the stage to bring Mickey Mouse back out.
  • I'll remember them falling asleep before everyone is even in the car
  • I'll remember one hand holding a french fry and the other inside their happy meal box because they couldn't stay away any longer.

Those are the memories that won't fade for me....

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