Saturday, February 12, 2011


I was stunned today by the lack of responsibility of some parents, and unfortunately they were fellow bloggers. I know.. I know.. I spoke a few weeks ago about not judging other mothers when we are looking around our world. But... here I go, on a rampage against some that obviously need a few lessons:

* If you are with another parent, don't focus so much on talking about yourself that you don't pay attention to your children.

* If you are on a packed bus/lightrail, put your children in your seat across from you instead of your feet. Your children do not need a section that seats 4 just for the two of them.

*Don't let them run around and fall every time the bus comes to a stop, you look silly when you get angry with them.

*When an elderly couple get on the bus, moving your feet from the chairs is a nice move, but don't make them sit where your dirty boots once were, move your rambunctious children into those spots and let the elderly couple sit by themselves, in some seats so they can enjoy the quiet and comfort.

Okay, I feel better... I so badly wanted to say those things but held my tongue. I hold bloggers at a high level of respect and expect them to treat the rest of the world the way we all should... like someone is watching.. and that someone will write about you one day.

Thank you to all of you that were amazing today! I had a group of fellow bloggers around me throughout the whole day and I'm proud to call them equals.

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