Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ever given a gift to a friend.....

... And have it give you a ton more in return?

Gretchen and I have known one another for almost 10 years now. We've seen divorces, marriages, crying until we can't breath, laughter until someone almost tosses their cookies and most of all, babies.

Since I've known Gretchen I have had three amazing daughters. I have also had the pleasure of waiting out one my birthdays, (probably my best birthday to date) waiting on her son to be born. He held out until 12:30 the morning of July 9th, just to tease me.

So when she became pregnant with Baby #2, we were all hoping on a baby girl. Baby-D will be born around the same time as her older brother in July, perhaps I can coax her to make an appearance ON my birthday this year!

Last week I approached her and offered to take her now 2.5 year old little man off her hands for the day on Saturday. She and her husband are moving next weekend and need time to pack, rest, shop.. whatever needed to be done, they needed some alone time. It was also selfish on my part, he could spend the day with his cousins, playing outside, planting some veggies, etc.

What a blessing this was for me.

I got to spoil him, hug him and kiss him.

The three little ones got to laugh and play together all afternoon until they were exhausted and crabby.

It was something I wanted to do for my friend who needed some time just to breath and in the end allowed me to watch what amazing kids the three of them have turned into.

When was the last time you did something for a friend?

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Gretel said...

*Crying* You are so awesome! Thank you so much! And Grady had so much fun that he did not want to come home!