Sunday, February 27, 2011

Before the recipes...

Normally Sundays are my recipe days.

I take cool photos, we cook something up and make a pretty darn good meal out of something simple.

Today is different, today is the beginning. The beginning of our food BEFORE the recipes.

Dave started planting the seedlings inside, all of them except for the ones that grow quickly. We have garlic, peas, tomatoes, strawberries, a multitude of cucumbers and peppers. We have our own farmers market in the house, slowly growing and spouting new life.

Then to top it all off, Dave decided to get into composting, with worms.

See those large orange buckets? Yep.... those are compost buckets, a home made worm condo with holes in the buckets, wet newspaper and some orange peels.

The wormies move in on Thursday or Friday, they are Canadian worms and I really, really hope they like their new home. Think they will produce more if I play hockey in the background?

Did you know that worms eat 1/2 their body weight a day in food.
Did you know there are 3000 worms coming to my house this week, that's 3 pounds of worms.
They are going to eat a pound and a half of food a day.

A day....


I'll keep you updated on this new endeavor... it should be interesting.

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