Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our Valentine's Tree

I was reading one of my favorite blogs the other day 24/7 Moms , they always have great ideas for decorating, planning and making a holiday the best with the help of your kids.

So... when I saw the Valentine's Tree l idea I KNEW it was something I wanted to do. 10 days later I finally got my Valentines Tree up and operational... Okay, at least up.

We started out our day by taking a walk on the trail behind our home, it is up against a greenbelt that is full of vegetation. It's the color of brown right now.. but that is the Colorado state color in the winter. :)

After we found our pieces we brought them home, laid them all out and spray painted them with some leftover pink paint we had.

The girls got a little bored and ran off to play, but I manage to steal some photos before they came back to inspect my progress.

We had to let them dry, so all of us piled in the truck to see some of these....

and these.....

and play around at the zoo.

When we came home I tied them together and put them into a flower vase I had. I put rocks inside of the vase to hold up the vase and... there we have it! Instant Valentine's tree....

Tomorrow we are making ornaments. Anyone have cool ideas for those??

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