Friday, December 31, 2010

Blog Dare Hop

a mom blog community

I miss blogging, when I was a single mom I spent a ton of time blogging, meeting women and opening my community far beyond what I could when I was sitting at home with a newborn and 5 other children.

Now that I am part of a blended family with a significant other that wants to be near me.. and gives me the "HEY.... can I have my lady back?" I figure I shouldn't spend all my time blogging.

SOOOO..... when the Blog Dare came up, I jumped at it. A year of blogging everyday and if my brain dies on me, they have some great prompts for ideas, etc.

Who wants to join me?? I'd love to do this with a few of my friends.. I'm starting an editorial calendar now!


Eternally Curious said...

Blogging every day? Are you nuts, Suzanne? I couldn't even stick to the 30-day meme thingy! Sure, I'd love to get back to blogging, and I know my readers would love me too as well. But every day? YIKES! I'm not that creative. Or prolific. What on EARTH would I talk about? I don't quite fit into the Blog Moms society because my "kids" are teens, not toddlers or infants. And honestly, my life or anything I have to say just isn't that interesting. Is it?

Well, anyway, I do wish you luck. I always enjoy reading your writing.

Kate said...

Goodluck! I love your blog and happy I found it. I'm a new follower and hopefully you can come follow back if you enjoy what I write.

Have a beautiful weekend :)